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Shanna offers superior goal setting, motivation, accountability and time management life coaching.   Her expertise is in helping women find the time to go after their dreams by organizing their life, clarifying their dreams, making a plan and taking action; each session she holds her clients accountable for following the agreed upon plan.

She also specializes in helping teens stay on track and create a plan for their future.

Shanna offers a free 20 minute consultation. In this consultation, Shanna evaluates your commitment to changing your life. She will also verify that her expertise is a good match for your optimal success.

3 Month Program:

  • First call: One hour to 90 minutes, laying out your life plan, building trust and rapport, setting action items and a plan of attack
  • Bi-weekly calls: 45 minutes, accountability, revisit goals and modify if needed, support and building a plan for the next 14 day

What sets Shanna apart from other coaching programs?:

  • Shanna sends you regular motivational and reminder emails to help you stay focused and on track
  • Shanna offers other bonus items such as live calls and events presented by her and notification of other experts’ events that may be of benefit

Shanna’s 10 objectives for her clients:

  • To clarify and prioritize their top 3 goals and layout a unique plan for achievement
  • To be more motivated and be enthusiastic about life…everyday
  • To have quality time for themselves and the ones they love
  • To be grateful for life and to enjoy what they are blessed with
  • To live a happier and more meaningful life
  • To believe in themselves
  • To stop setting limits on their dreams
  • To determine exactly what the purpose of each dream and goal is
  • To be able to visualize their future and feel good about taking action to get there
  • To live their best life

Accountability, time management and motivational coaching, How to live your dreams coaching, Personal and career coaching, Teen motivation and coaching

What people are saying:

“When I think about the purpose of setting goals, which I discovered late in life, I can see the importance of everyday participation. The more I write down a plan for my day, the more I accomplish.  I have discovered I do not need to settle for the way it is; I have the power to make my life and career more than it has ever been. Each and everyday I feel the positive changes in my life and I look at my current situation as it is up to me, my destiny.  – Julie
You are such a lovely woman. I have truly enjoyed observing you over the last year. Of all the many things I learned from you, I most admire your love for life and being involved in good things. It’s very inspiring to see you as a wife and mother developing your talents and living your dreams. I also admire your beauty and poise, you are a very classy woman. I am  lucky to have connected with you.  Thanks for all your time and sacrifice.                                                                                                                                                                    – Chrissy, UVU CAL Leadership Program
Shanna Beaman is hands down the best mentor I’ve worked with in the CAL program.  She made my job as a Team Leader so much easier by being available and on top of things.  She genuinely cares about the students she is mentoring and tries really hard to get to know each one of them personally. She is always trying to do what is best for the CAL mambers and encourages feedback. She  has a knack for engaging the students and leading worthwhile discussions.                                                                                             – Megan, UVU CAL Leadership program

For more information, contact Shanna directly at 801-556-9686 or via email at:  shanna @ shannabeaman . com

    (please remove spaces in email address when sending an email).

Accountability, time management and motivational coaching, How to live your dreams coaching, Personal and career coaching, Teen motivation and coaching

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