The Woman’s Guide to Living Your Dreams!

The quick and practical guide to dream achievement

The Woman's Guide to Living Your DreamsDust off your dreams and begin your journey toward the life you desire for you and your family!
 This book is a fun and motivational guide, helping women live a happy and inspiring life. You’ll formulate a path to your dreams, learn how to build excellent daily habits and learn how to create the time for your goals using a proven, step-by-step, time management technique. All of this is built around a busy woman’s schedule.


Start living your dreams today!

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Excerpt from Rewiring Your Brain: Dr Rose says “Shanna’s written this book and it’s a workbook. It’s a really excellent and well done workbook and I’m sure anybody that would follow all the steps that she says here, they are going to be very helped.”


Shanna Beaman is a new friend whom I recently had the opportunity to work with live. She is a woman who knows how to go after her dreams and she has taken that expertise and packed it conveniently into a hands-on, easy to use workbook that can guide you through the process of goal-setting and goal-getting. If you’re not sure how to break down a goal, or how to consistently work your goals into your busy life, OR if you can’t seem to get family support for your vision then you need Shanna’s book! She will show you solid strategies for powerfully moving forward and living your dreams! – Ms. Utah


This is the first book I have ever invested in that truly had a return. It is inspirational and assists you by providing step by step instructions on how to get to where you want to be. I have never read anything with so much detail yet so easy and sensible. This book does not possess the “run of the mill” tangents and rhetoric like so many other books of it’s kind who put so much into recognition or validation of other’s ego – It’s straight to the point. After all part of the concept is to gain time to achieve your desires. If you’re ready for the life you’ve been wanting and haven’t been sure how to proceed on the journey, this is your vehicle. – Audrey C.


Because I am a bit of a procrastinator I have associated myself with many different motivational techniques and processes. This Guide has helped me beyond my expectations by living the life and using this practice on a daily basis to reach my goals. My first Dream was to get out of debt; before the end of the year this will be a reality with only my Mortgage and possibly a low car payment. The Author makes this fun and real by taking little steps at a time. So often we want it NOW, when that is not a reality we then fail to accomplish our Dreams and complain all the time. We must be real and chip away each and everyday and stay the course. Stay positive and motivate yourself in the morning before you start your day and often throughout the day and before you go to bed. I have learned to make this practice a routine everyday. With this Book, I write down details of what is next and how I will accomplish my next Dream come true. You will only see success and change in yourself for the better when using this Guide. My friend purchased one for her Daughter for graduation this year. After leaving the comfort of friends and what we have known for the past 18 years it is scary as a young adult to decide what to do next. This Book is EXCELLENT for everyone! I would like to see this implemented in Schools from Junior High on. If I would have learned what this Author has put on the pages of this book way back when, I would have been off to a good start much earlier in my life. – Julie F Koplin

Watch for my new book: On Ramp to Your Future (for teens). Due out in the Winter of 2012.


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  1. Hi Shanna,

    Congratulations on your ebook, really did not take long to get it launched.

    Thank you for the previous presentations on Goal Mentoring. Now off to read, I know it will be a wealth of information going on previous work you have presented.

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